Kebu Published Works

Writing Samples

In addition to my blog content, I have provided a few public samples from my work as a writer below. This is not an exhaustive list. Please contact me for samples of my work in specific genres.

Short Story Contest Submissions

Reedsy Ltd., Reedsy Prompts

Guest Writer, Spring 2021 – Present

I cannot gush enough about Reedsy Blog’s weekly writing prompts! As an entity, Reesdy is a writer’s dream. There’s a plethora of resources, writing advice, publishing advice, connections to editors, and connections to publishers. There’s also a fantastic community of fellow writers, and even a magical book editing software!

The prompts always challenge me to write outside of my comfort zone and try my hand at new genres, devices, and techniques. I love having a community of writers who can see what I tried to do and give helpful, kind, critical feedback! Click the linked button to visit my author profile and read through my collection of wacky submissions!


Vision Magazine

Oklahoma Christian University

Editor, Spring 2018

I served as the editor, chief writer, and Marketing project manager, for the Fall 2018 issue of OC’s Vision Magazine.


Annual Report

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Writer, Compiler, Summer 2018

Kelly (Thomas-Cutshaw) Burmeier compiled, organized and wrote the CECS Annual Report for the 2017 year review.


Copy Writing

Steady Content

Freelance Writer, September 2018 – February 2019

As a beginner freelancer, I joined Steady Content to learn how to write general copy for various client website blogs. I always opted for the assignments with “general public” target audiences because that’s the primary audience I wanted to learn to write for.


Kebu Blog

Owner, Blogger, 2017 — Present

I couldn’t be a writer without a blog floating out there on “teh interweb.” It serves as a combination writing backlog and public diary. I’ve posted academic papers, prize winning poetry, non-prize winning poetry, and plenty of other things that I keep as a record of my writing growth.