I love tutoring because it allows me to witness students enjoying the successes they have earned. Tutors don’t grade learners on their abilities. Instead, we encourage them to learn! I feel that this tackles the barriers that often exist between teachers and students, so that the tutor (that’s me!) can develop close relationships with their learners. Students then trust their tutor to critique their work and help them make deep, lasting improvements to their learning process.

I began tutoring as a volunteer peer tutor. Then my work continued through the campus writing center at Oklahoma Christian University. As a university tutor, I peer-taught academic writing across a variety of fields, including graduate Engineering writing. I have tutored K-12 core subjects with WyzAnt since 2015. I pursued Mathematics and English degrees in college and have additional work experience in project management, copywriting, and marketing.

As a professional writer and tutor, I often teach writing students how to structure their ideas, choose their style, and shape their language. In exchange, I learn how to write more effectively, communicate with my pupils, and understand other perspectives.

But, I don’t just teach writing! My experience as a tutor has brought me to many kinds of students and subjects. I’ve tutored K-8 students in all core subjects; High school students in language, literature, and algebra; college students in mathematics and English; ESL graduate students in academic writing; and adult learners in various fields. 

After almost a decade of tutoring, I am confident in my ability to help advanced-intermediate ESL students improve their English word choice and writing style. I also understand test anxiety for USCIS test takers and academic students. As a result, I teach all of my students a variety of ways to use their own skills to become better learners. I will not always be with my students, but the resources I aim to provide will last a lifetime.

I am more than happy to talk with you about your needs and goals as a student (or parent!). Please contact me whenever it is convenient for you, and we will see how I can best aid your academic or personal educational pursuits!