Where Creativity and Critical Thinking Meet

Created in 2019, the Kebu brand allows me to offer a range of freelance services and publish my own copyrighted content. Kebu is short for my name, Kelly Burmeier, and I chose it for its unique sound and web search-ability. Under this freelance brand identity I’ve had numerous opportunities to craft, edit, and share creative ideas and content for critical thinking. My dream is develop this brand into a green, sustainable materials publishing house right here in OKC!

I engage in freelance projects with the following core values:

  • Engage all people and ideas fairly, without shaming or dismissing them
  • Discrimination is unacceptable; acknowledge differences respectfully
  • Reducing human environmental impact is a high priority
  • Creativity and critical thinking is everywhere and should be encouraged
  • Unity and diversity are non-opposite, fundamental aspects of well-rounded communities
  • The pursuit of knowledge as intrinsically valuable to our species

The Tea (Coffee) on Kebu

I’m Kebu, AKA Kelly Burmeier. I loves synthesizing ideas and creating fun, challenging content. I’ve received a ton of crazy-lucky opportunities to learn and add to my list of experiences and freelancer tools. I’m also pretty sure the English Language and I are fated lovers… alas, the jury is still out. I prefer Descriptive linguistics (rather than Prescriptive methods), and I employ descriptivist theories in my own writings and tutoring methods. I have industry experience in marketing and academic fields, and I think that’s pretty rad. I was even a barista prior to Covid-19. I am ridiculously expressive when I read books; this makes reading in public impossible! I accidentally fall into educational rabbit-holes with absurd subject matter – a fact well documented by my blog history [insert confusing emoji]. I am passionate about sustainable living, and describe myself as an “Eco Freak.” I jump at chances to promoting fellow creatives in OKC. I spend an exorbitant amount of time with my Blue Heeler, Sam (Samus).