Kelly’s Wedding Prayer

Divine and Loving God,

Life with you and David – Life with you THROUGH David – is entirely and wonderfully necessary.

Emmanuel Levinas, another beautiful creature created in your image, provides language I couldn’t possible find to describe the necessity of our love and life together:

“Love remains a relation with the Other that turns into need, transcendent exteriority of the other, of the beloved. But love goes beyond the beloved… The possibility of the Other appearing as an object of a need while retaining his alterity, or again,the possibility of enjoying the Other… this simultaneity of need and desire, or concupiscence and transcendence,… constitutes the originality of the erotic which, in this sense, is the equivocal par excellence.”

So, I again thank you for providing a window into the EXCELLENT romantic, lasting, friendly, familial, spousal, spiritual love of Yourself through my partner and best friend, David. Thank you or the opportunity to spend this life with David: to know and experience your love through his love, your unity through our unity.

God, we are imperfect, David and I – though, what David’s imperfections are, you rarely reveal to me – but our imperfection seems only to enhance the beauty of our love. Our imperfections, our perfectly brewed, unavoidable conflicts that happen as two humans go about their lives, require our love to not only be divine but to be committed and livable as imperfect beings. Our imperfect love requires growth and communication. We, David and I, need your guidance and love to correctly pursue one another throughout this life. I pray that communication and hard work be the centering actions of our intentional love together.

I pray that the wisdom spaces be fraught with trials and joys, extremes, continuous rebalancing, and things that don’t even seem related so that we may know ourselves, each other, others, and you more deeply and more lovingly than before.

I pray that we reflect your spirit within us to each other in all times – good, bad, and meh – and that we savor the moments when we do and the moments we learn to be vulnerable with one another when we fail. I pray that we learn to love the part of you inside of ourselves through the love we show one another.

I pray that I exalt your spirit in me as David’s love for me grows and shows me how to worship you. I pray that all of our interactions – civil, working, physical, domestic, adventurous, spiritual, communal – are a form of worship to you and bring glory to the loving name of God.

I pray that we build upon this loving community of family and friends who have provided for us so many times as we seek answers, struggle with life, and learn your way. I pray that this community lives in a cycle of love with us that is life-bringing and reflective of the love David and I share.

I selfishly pray that you let our love last at least the duration of our physical lifetime: that we remain mates of the soul in any way that exemplifies your love. I selfishly pray that David is always here, that I might always be a supportive partner – even if it takes me a bit of time to come to it – and that David always looks into my eyes with love. I pray that we remain as children in your embrace, spreading the warmth of your love in communion with time.

With all love,



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