David’s Wedding Prayer



I am so, so grateful and amazed for this person standing across from me. I pray that my gratitude and amazement are not only obvious verbally, but a real experience for Kelly.

May the love that fuels this be a grounding point for me and for us as a team. I pray that love is the life-giving center that I remember to embrace and to try to embody. I pray that it becomes more important than whatever might be competing with it, that I have the right clarity, joy, and commitment when I need it.

I pray also that this love is sustaining personally and for our team. I pray that love informs how I give and how I receive, how I live into daily life in my community with Kelly, family, and friends.

I pray that Kelly finds great joy and purpose in our relationship, and that we are both present with the other even when it feels like we may not have the energy. I pray that we listen to each other’s needs and know when to give help or wisdom, or just be a gentle and affirming friend. I pray that our patterns and habits are not static, but open, wise, and joyful in the process of adapting to meet each other’s needs and the needs of our communities.

May I be responsive, engaged, and kind enough to be present in my moments with Kelly, and for our connection to exist in the present. May our memories and our hopes together help us center in that present when need be, and may our daily routines and adventures be embodied with gratitude from your loving Spirit. I pray that age and that time be embraced together for the many unique and blessed moments they bring. And I pray that our companionship helps each other to graciously accept the gift of each moment.

I pray that each day Kelly and I are blessed with whatever faith is needed to live with fullness rather than reserve or fear, whether that be faith in our commitment, faith that love is worthwhile, or faith that each day is indeed a gift. I pray that even when anger, hurt, pain, sadness, or frustration seem to put a cloud over our day, that we find our grounding in love, and that we grow stronger individually and as partners. I pray that our journey begins not with the expectation that all will always be as we wish, that things will always be easy, simple, and enjoyable. I pray rather that we find our joy in the reality that journey together is good and worthwhile, that it may look different than we expect at times but is much better and blessed when we take it together.



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