Introducing… Kebu!

TLDR; Kelly Chronicles has been rebranded to Kebu LLC and includes a few new perks!

It Started With an Eco Taco

Friends and Readers,

You may or may not know that I have been working on an Etsy business idea called “EcoTaco” that uses recycled/up-cycled materials to create customizable craft kits for adults and kids of all ages. Some of you have even donated your compostables for DIY seedling kits, your recycling for puzzling and craft supply kits, and your clothes for quilting kits. I have really been blown away by your commitment to sustainability and conservation in OKC!

Early supplies collected for the first EcoTaco crafting project.

What you may did not know is that I have refined and combined a lot of my small ventures into one larger educational and creative works LLC called Kebu. (Yes, I named it this after I had a dream about my new name as Mrs. Kelly [Ke] Burmeier [Bu] and yes it is the name of an African language or an alternative word in some areas for “kebab,” but mostly, Kebu is mine!)

So, What Is Kebu?

You might be wondering what exactly is Kebu, now. Kebu is really in progress, but as of now we (me, with the help of Daniel Griffin and my lovely “wifey” David Burmeier) are an LLC that does freelance writing and editing, educational tutoring, music tutoring and production, and EcoTaco by Kebu for sustainable crafting and fun!

The Bae and me creating Kebu on Day 1 of Marriage!

If that still doesn’t answer your question, well… Kebu is basically the same thing Kelly Chronicles used to be, paired with tutoring, some of my expertise from working as a marketing Project Manager, David’s expertise as a music director and guru, and my love for bringing sustainability to OKC.

Contact Us. Seriously, Contact Us!

Feel free to reach out for details about Kebu, share ideas, or see how you can get involved by emailing or finding us on socials with the tag @KebuOKC.

With so much love!

Kelly now-Burmeier,

Kebu Creative Director

Headshot photo courtesy of OC Marketing and Hayley Bentley

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