Hey, you made it! Welcome.

I’m Kelly Burmeier, a freelancer under the name Kebu. I write, edit, and tutor in a variety of subjects. My areas of expertise are language, literature, education, and marketing.

I am also:

  • an avid fan of bullet points (and parenthetical asides)
  • wildly passionate about linguistics, A.I., sustainability and food
  • destructively determined to solve sudoku puzzles
  • restored by music, dance, reading, movies, and ultimate frisbee
  • a proud owner of a chump Blue Heeler named Sam (Samus)
  • allergic to EVERYTHING
  • easily enticed by good conversation
  • a devourer of Marvel comic books (Spider-Girl is #bae)
  • a shameless #bae user
  • a spoonie, thanks to Lupus and Ankylosing Spondylitis.
  • a student of humanities and sciences because they are not mutually exclusive
  • impressed you are still reading this list
  • social-media challenged
  • determined to be Tolkien, Turing, or Diana Wynne Jones (it’s a whole process)

I have experience in marketing, linguistics, academic writing, K-12 tutoring in all subjects, ESL education and editing, collegiate English tutoring, blog writing, resume content writing, web writing, and short story and fiction writing, and editing for published journals, books, albums, and students papers. (Hope you took a big mental breath before reading all of that.)

If you are looking for a tutor or want to collaborate on something, contact me.